Reconnecting With Someone From The Past

Close to 30have years ago I became close with a man that was older than me. We developed a respectful relationship that was close and everything thatva relationship should the years went by I needed to spread my wings because I was very young so I let the relationship go....I never stopped thinking about him all these years but he went on to have another relationship and a child. I recently ran into him quite unexpectedly and he happens to be free....I asked him out and we had coffee and then had dinner...I know it was supposed to be a friendly meeting but it was obvious that lots of feelings resurfaced ......I was so surprised by how I felt and saw that he too may have feelings for me, but I couldn't forget that I was the one that destroyed what we had 30coffee years ago....I happen to be living out of state but I am in my old hometown indefinitely ...he called a few times but sometimes wouldn't call when he said he would...finally I decided to have a one in one with him and tell him how I really feel.....I told him that I wanted to be honest with him and wanted to see if we could be together again..he said we needed to talk when we both had more time and suggested we go to a park for a walk in about a week.....I then proposed that I come to his apartment...that week...he encouraged the idea....I knew the minute I was with him that I was doing the right thing and felt spectacular with him....we made love something whenever got to do 30 years was a little awkward because I had to tell him about one cold sore that had recently appeared on the lower part of NY body, but we found another way to make love was intense and felt right except for he was very tired BC he's he worked very hard that day...the next morning we talked about the news but nit about what had happened....he told me he was caught off guard by everything...he told me he would call me it has only been a little awkward over a day but its starting to feel like much longer....he told me not to push and to take things slow....I understand and I won't but how ling should go by? I want to be with himagain and develop a relationship....I'm heavier than I wasbefore...he just recently got out of a long term relationship....I want him back more than anything....this is true even though I am living out of state.....advice please
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1 Response May 4, 2012

Its only been a little over a day since I saw him..he said he would call.....when do you think hell call and how long should go by?all advice is greatly appreciated about everything.