Is It Worth Falling In Love If You Have to Keep It a Secret?

Well i didnt believe in love at first and i never thought it could happen to me...but guess what!? It did. I met this girl in my school and she is a grade younger than me. She is the most beautiful person i have ever met inside and out, soo any ways one day she came to my class and we had a substitute teacher, thats when we first started talking to eachother, and from that day on we didnt go a day or hour with out talking to eachother. That was jus the beggining and i still thought that she was just a great friend. As time passed we realized we couldnt go a day without talking or seeing eachother. Neither one of us were out yet, we were in closet and we still are. So she tells me one day how she feels about me and oh man was that a relief cuz i had the same exact feelings for her. Our relationship was a secret. We were falling in love with eachother....but when it came to coming out her mother didnt accept it and she was forced to stay away from me. I can't stop thinkn about her, dreaming about her and i have this need to see her. Oh to make this all better before me she had a bf, and her mother forced her to get back with him.....but i have this feeling shes still in love with me. IDK what to do.

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Feb 13, 2009