I Have Fallen In Love So Quick

it's getting hard to breathe.

When you know you've met your soul mate.

Everything clicks.

Everything in common. Likes/dislikes.

Sex is amazing.

He's said: feel like I've known you ages.

I feel like I've known him ages too.

It's weird, scary but good.

Every time I think of him my stomach does somersaults to the point I'm taking antacids (ha!)  truly.

Never felt this connected with any man ever. And I'm 40 this year.  He's 50.

We both had bad relationships in past.

Is this just a needy relationship on both sides or signs of a good future together? 

What are your thoughts guys? 

katt261 katt261
36-40, F
2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

AWWW good luck.

i say that is a sign of a good future, i mean i am only 16 but it sounds like you both like each other! its great and it souds like you guys enjoy talking to each other!