I have a question. How the hell can I keep my anxiety down ?? We where together a short period of time. Love was in the air. I was a emotional roller coaster with tears and anger to the moments I sat in the car to drop him off at the airport. The tears have slow down. I have become more acceptable. Now its my tolerance for everyone around me is be less. My anxiety is out of control. I have had to stop drinking caffeine. He had deployed not that long ago. I speak to him on almost daily basis. Soon he will move to a different location. I have a feeling the communicating will be less frequent. I have taken up yoga and a gym. How does everyone deal with their anxiety ?? I am calm after I " speak" with him. Sorry ladies I don't want to offend anyone but I would like only any Infantry girlfriend/wife/ fiancé who is currently dealing with deployment to reply back or inbox me.
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hi, if you come up with any ways to deal with it i would love to know... my bf is in the infantry and about to be deployed to afghan for nearly a year... my emotions are all over the place and i have know idea how im going to cope.. i hope your ok

Can I email you?

i try to go to the gym