He Truly Is The Love Of My Life....

Well I might as well start with the beginning...

My name is Brittany. I met the love of my life Brent in June 08. He stole my heart the first time I looked into his eyes. We dated for a while and then he cheated. We got back together and once again he cheated. This went on and on... Well we have gotten back together and are now facing our first deployment. Knowing that he's 11 Bravo and will be the first in is tough but we love each other and will make it through this just like we have everything else that life has thrown at us. We choose to live this way so that everyone else can take the simple things for granted. Lots of women get mad when they don't hear from their significant other for a few hours; women that love infantry men learn that this comes with the territory. Would i love to hear his voice? SURE!! That just isn't a luxury that I have at this point. He means the world to me. When I left him at MOB station to be sent to Iraq, with every mile I drove towards home I felt like my heart was being slowly ripped from my chest. I have never faced anything that hurts me as bad as this deployment... We have been through so much already and I can't wait to have him home. I know that I have to be strong in order to keep him safe. He has enough on his mind without having to be distracted by worrying about me and how I am feeling. I wake up every morning and roll over to look at his pillow and instantly miss him.

Sorry that my post is all over the place but this is the way my thoughts are lately. i can't seem to throw together a coherent thought.

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11 Bravo is infantry... they are most often first in and last out

Ok so I am new to this army infantry girlfriend thing. What the crap is 11 bravo. I have heard Andrew talking about it. That's what he is. He is stationed in Alaska. and It really sucks. Cause we can not be together. Luckily he is on leave right now. But even then he is still three hours away.

well i was all for stong and faithful... he was the one with the problem doing that... i caught him cheating and was willing to look past it yet again but he decided he wanted to come home to her so i let him... we are no longer together...

just stay strong for him because thats what he needs