In Love

my name is ashley and i am in love with an infantry soldier hes over in iraq right now so im kinda sad but i get to talk to him on the phone all the time kinda i jus got to hear from him for the first time in a week so it makes me happy to hear his voice. its so hard to be strong sometimes but i love him more then anything in the world. im so overwhelmed i have to find us a place to live find a job plan a wedding all before he gets home which is at the end of the year. but its ok hes worth it hes my infantry man he stays strong in the field and i stay strong at home we love each other and that's all that matters. if anyone can help me figure out ways to cope with him being away please let me know.because breaking down crying all the time just isnt doing it for me.take care ladies stay strong for your men they need it

mikeswifey4lyf mikeswifey4lyf
18-21, F
Feb 18, 2010