The Love of My Life

i have been in a relationship with a guy that i used to work with. when we were working together i thought he didnt like me. but when he quite he would still come up there and see his friends like my boss and some of my other co-workers. he was always mean to me and picked on me about stupid stuff well he still does  it to this day. but he came up to my job with one of his friends and tried to "hook" me up with him bet on his way home he realized that he was jelouse when his friend said he was thinking about asking me out so he beat him to the punch. and i always thought that he was a funny person so i thought it would be fun and at the time i needed alittle fun in my life so we hung out a few days later. whaat we did was the lamest thing every we just drove around and parked in a target parking lot and this crazy lady came up asking us for gas money bc she just left her husband so he gave her money so she would leave. a few days later we made it official and became a couple. nither of us thought we would stay together but after 3 months i realized that i loved him more than a thought i could ever love some one. after only 5 or 6 months we got engaged and are now living together and i couldnt imagen life without him.

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I have fallen in love with my roommate.It started as mere lust.It has now turned into passionate love abd ut feels good.Ge makes me very happy.Im just afraid he doesnt feel the exact sameway.For one he is younger. Should I just toss the relationship out,or should I continue our friendship and enjoy our special relationship?

Are we talking dog years?


ah, so being 63 is kinda like being 16 again? ;)

Yea, when you're 63 and a baby threatens you, run like hell.

hehehehe it does that to you doesn't it?

thats probably the right answer old guy.

I am not going to touch that.

what do you mean u never know when someone is hitting on me? r u hitting in me? cuz i know Mawdog is hitting in me.

burlybabe, be carefull because you never know when someone might be hitting on you.

what a lucky guy cuz you are hottttt........

When you least expect it and I've now been married 24 years. May you have the same happiness I have had