Love Makes It Real

A relationship can be a game and a dance. But there's another factor which we
should be aware of and that is when love really hits there is no
chance to dance or play games. It's like lightening, if you see the
flash then it missed you. If you're playing or dancing then love
hasn't hit yet. A couple of times now it has hit me and my free will
goes down the drain. Unfortunately I think women are more suceptible
to this condition. And I also found when I was the most fed up with
the game and the dance is when love came for me.
suzzzy suzzzy
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I think men are quite susceptible, and maybe less confident about it!

Hi Max, I find men are very resistant to love because they get distracted so easily.

what do you mean distracted... by other women they find attractive? by life? work? fun? avoiding the responsibilities? tell me more...

all of the above lol

Hi dudurxix, I am in total agreement with you. Love is the only way to relate that isn't a game with winners and losers. I think if you truely love the other person, you will put make their needs more important than your fears and a really wonderful experience will happen. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks, yes I do believe love is easy if you can give your self over to it fully.

Love is easy, Open yourself up fully, give all you have FREELY and it comes back somewhere. Nice story!

Hi Mike, Glad to hear from you. Missed your awareness. I've fallen deeply in love a few times now and never regretted any of them but got badly burned also. It's always worth it if you can pick yourself up and be ready for it to happen again. It really is a Zen experience.

hey suzzz, been awhile. girl the waiting and anticipation was worth it all. i so enjoy you. ".... if you see the flash..." how so succint and so very desc<x>riptive of that event. I agree with socialman's comment about becoming vulnerable when in love. I also have completely lost my free will on at least one occasion that comes to mind and she and I increased the universe while we were together. Three women have totally and simply just taken my heart with no thought by me of whether I wanted or didn't. That one, and another two, I had the awareness of choices I might make as we walked our lives together, but they would quickly drop by by the road. It's very much a Zen kind of thing, or walking in the Tao. A few freinds hung around and allowed me to be this way, most went and found other's to play those games with. I haven't felt that joy for years until I read your story... I hope you are well and your path is rising up to meet you these days. in thanks and love, namaste, mike

Hi David, I liked your comment. I think it's rare for men to be able to love completely. I mean like putting the other person first even above your own fears. I find when you do this you start materializing your world out of love and not fear anymore. It gives life meaning. I like to think you know what I'm talking about because you have had this experience.

Hi Kat, I think we think a lot alike on this subject. I feel one should try to make every relationship a loving relationship so that you're never the one to close the door on love. Great comment on your part.

Hello. <br />
I loved your story; I love all your stories! <br />
You are so gifted in your thoughts and words.<br />
This reminds me of that old saying, "You don't know what you have till it is gone."<br />
Love can come and go quickly if not nurtured like a beautiful garden. <br />
You are correct in that we can miss LOVE all together or we may not recognize it when it is standing right in front of us! To me, this is the saddest because this is a missed opportunity for happiness. <br />
<br />
In the end, we all have choices and I believe we are given many opportunities to change what our lives are and whom we choose to share our love with. This does not always mean the person we adore will return this precious gift but I would rather know I offered my true love to another. To me, love is part of my soul. Love is meant to be shared. <br />
<br />
Naturally, based on my past experiences, my soul is protected and guarded so others will not hurt me. My joie is learning to open up and be willing to receive love. This is my positive life lesson. <br />
In order to love and be given love I believe, one must be FREE and OPEN to let love in.<br />
This is a work in progress for me.<br />
As you know, we must never stop learning and developing. <br />
This I believe, is what we are meant to do on this earth.

Hi princess, It seems we understand eachother on this topic. Thanks for stopping by.

"A couple of times now it has hit me and my free will<br />
goes down the drain. Unfortunately I think women are more suceptible"<br />
<br />
I couldn't agree more!

Hey cowboy, For a guy, you are pretty

Hi love, I think the first step in finding love is to see that all the people around you are playing games. Next you have to believe that there is something in this world that has meaning and can take the place of the games. Then you wait for love to materialize. Just the fact that we found eachother shows that love is on the way. <br />
I haven’t been writing much lately. I kind of fall into myself and lose track of the world and the world loses track of me. But you seem to be keeping an eye on where<br />
I’m at. I think that’s sweet of you.

I loved this Sue. I don't think I've ever had the chance to experience the lightening. I've always been asked to dance and play silly games, but I just can't be bothered to waste time over something that is going nowhere.<br />
<br />
You seriously have a beautiful way with words Sue! Keep on writing <3