At School

There I was walking to class like the good girl that I am when I finally get to the class I'm supposed to be in.  Right when I'm about to enter the class, I hear somebody call my name so I look back to see who was calling me and wave or something. 

But when I walked through the door, still looking back, I stumbled on something and next thing I knew, I was falling into something black, it was a blur.  Then it tipped over once I fell inside and I rolled out over to my teacher's feet. 

Apparently, the teacher had a trash can holding the door open and since I was looking backwards, I didn't see it.  So of course I tripped and being short as I am, I had no problem falling in it either.

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11 Responses Aug 8, 2010

That is the nightmare from hell! Did you get the courage to crawl out?

You surely do love trash cans :)

My sides hurt!!!!!

Same here !!! Hahahaha we're gonna need an own group just for stuff like this xD

HAHA! Poor poor you!<br />
That's when you take the trashcan and sit on the floor with it over you til class ends!

Don't worry, you two have me going ballistic back and forth as well, lol!!!

Busy with her other story comments! And trying to breathe!

She was laughing so hard and hunched over. She couldn't even help me to my feet. She's white so she turned absolutely purple. O.O

I can't believe you didn't read this until now!!! What took you so long??

HAHAHA!!<br />
<br />
I wonder what your teacher said! XD

<br />
LMFAO I'm sitting here with my pet rat on my lap, and the poor thing is bouncing up and down cause I'm laughing so hard hahahahahhaah!!! TURBULENCE, READ THIS NOW