It Does Not Feel Good!

We were riding around my aunt's trailer. Just having a good time. When we got to the drieway, I don't know what happened. lol I went over the horse's head and slid a couple of feet under my aunt's car. Next thing I know, the horse stepped on my back. Not with all of her weight thank the Goddess! Needless to say, I didn't get back on for a while.

I've also slid off the side of my grandmother's horse. My cousin and I were switching and she came over behind me. Just as I went to slid over to Molly, she moved. Talk about jarring!

And a couple of years ago, a couple friends and I were riding. My female friend was inexperienced so we put her on a real gentle mare. My male friend and I rode double on the stud. I told him not to run off and leave Carol, but he got a little farther ahead of her than I thought wise. Out of the blue, the stud bucked. I caught my friend's shoulder once in the chest, once at the base of my throat, then one last time right under my chin and I went off. That was the last time I've been riding.
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I was cantered over (had an amazing hoof print bruise) and yet i still got on AND managed to trot...

I make it a point to treat animals well, but I honestly try to treat people better. I have, in the past, though, gone farther out of my way for a pet than ever I would for anyone not a very close loved one. I bought heart worm medicine for my dog instead of bailing my best friend out of jail XD

Even as much as I love my dog and cats, I don't treat them any better or any worse than my daughter or anybody else for that matter. Well, with the exceptions of my two ex-husbands. lmao

It is. He's hit a few other of the ranch hands before (not me- I'm the youngest one) but he would never hit one of his horses or his cows.

I've noticed a lot of people treat their animals better than they do other people. It's really sad.

The buggie rides can be very romantic, you know- the blue and red of the police lights reflecting off of the brick, the vagrant, homeless singers... Nah, I kid. They're great.<br />
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My neighbor- whose ranch I worked on for a few years- has a Paso Fino (I think) he brags about constantly. She has her own stable, all to herself, with extra walking room. He treats her better than he treats his employess 0.o

Ouch! Yeah I bet it was. Like I said, Lucky didn't step on me with her full weight. Just enough to hurt like Hades. My favorite Aunt has been through a lot with her horses. She's broken ribs, both ankles, both arms, and I don't know what all else. That's why when I get another horse, I'm getting a Paso Fino. You can't ask for a gentler breed. If trained properly, you never have to use a bit with one.<br />
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I plan on one of these days taking a ride in the buggies there in Memphis. I think it would be very sweet to ride around in one with a sweet pet. ~grin~

Stepped on your back? Oy. I was riding one of the horse and buggies in Memphis that they shuttle people around Midtown in when the horse just stopped. The driver got off to see what the problem was; the horse reared, knocked the guy on his back, and landed a hoof on his shoulder. Poor chap's shoulder was insantly dislocated. It was awful.