I Was Flipped Down A Mountain By A Lowe's Delivery Guy Speeding In A Box Truck.

It was the summer of 2012, July 30th, 2012 to be exact. My sister and I were working for a company where we had to stop traffic on two ends of the highway or road.  We only had one truck, so to be fair, we would switch off half way through the day to make it a more comfortable one. I had just dropped her off at her spot and returning to the other end of the road construction so we could allow traffic to flow safely. It was just like any other day, only difference this day is that we were on a one lane dirt-road in the NC mountains. All of a sudden a Lowe's box delivery truck came speeding around a curve. The next thing I recall is slamming on the brakes realizing that I was so close that the ground was giving away. My knee jerk reaction was to take my seat-belt off for a dash out the door but it was too late, and since my foot was on the break( for what reason, I do not know) I was unable to get the belt to come loose to put it back on. By that point, I was only to hold on to whatever I could. I didn't realize how blessed I was that day, only recently thinking about it, did I know that the Man above was looking out for me. The side of the mountain just crumbled. I held on to the steering column when the truck made one complete flip. There was a very steep angle to the mountain so the way the truck stopped was like on its side, with the wheels touching the trees.  It weird I know, and I only had enough room to crawl out the window. If i had been to the right or left about ten feet, the truck would not have stopped. I would have continued to tumbling down the mountain about the length of a football field (needless to say, without my seat belt so I would have been ejected.) What saved THIS LIFE THAT I CLAIM was TWO small trees that were approximately five inches in diameter and ONE tree that was about eight inches in diameter. Another thing that was shocking is that there were no more trees on that mountain so close together.  It gave me the impression they were designed for the very reason of saving my life that day. Only having FAITH I'm here for a reason.! God Blessed me another chance.  However, I am still very afraid of the public since I was in both of these life threatening experiences.  I have relived those moments countless times in the mind.  The tragedy never ends. I do not wish this on anyone.  It's almost like I've gave up on life.  I have no ambitions, welcome my own death, and I really can't figure out where my happiness went, or question if I really ever at it at all.  When I think about it, I have never been happy.  I wouldn't know what it was if it were to smack me in the face.
PeAcE4aLL09 PeAcE4aLL09
26-30, M
Jan 21, 2013