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Colchicine Vs Colcyrs

Classic case, I could have written the transcript of this desease. I have been on Colchicine therapy for over 40 years, but now the wisdom of our FDA says that I must take Colcyrs which cost me 400% more than the effective Colchicine. Has anyone found a solution to the taking of Colchicine off the market?
fmfjaz fmfjaz 61-65 1 Response Dec 24, 2011

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I have found that not only is Colcyrs much more expensive, it doesn't treat my symptoms like Colchicine. My joint pain is worse and I have breakthrough stomach inflamation and pain.

Unfortunately the FDA does not understand all of the uses of Colchicine. Primary use is to control Gout and that is where the makers of Colchrys concentrated. Neither one of them understood the need by our community.

Have you found anything I am having bad flare ups since they stopped the colchicine

I have not found anything. When I have flare up stomach pains I take hyoscyamine, this is an antispasmatic that really helps with those, as for the joint pain, nothing really helps.