Recent Issues In My Family.

Just to bring everything up to speed. I recently lost my Grandfather he passed away before Easter. He had been living with my mother for the past 3 years because he was lonely and getting on in his age where he could really be by himself. Falling over himself, almost setting the house on fire etc. So basically my parents took him into their home. He felt more love in my parents home then he felt in a long time. He said this himself. He smiled a lot more and was happy to be around people and seeing his Great Grandchildren as well as some of his Grandchildren.
My mother had some siblings that started giving her trouble....after his passing. My grandfather didn't have much he worked in a factory for 25 years and retired and he was retired for 32 years after that...The factory he worked at was bought and sold many times his pension fluctuated many times. He had his basic bills, Medicare, plus hospital bills and even in that time bought two new vehicles.
When it came time for the reading of the will he stated many times to his other children that who ever took care of him would get majority of the estate. Which ended up being my mother. Well in the will there were things given and there was one sibling that didn't get anything not a dime. According to my grandfather he disclosed that this child had a few secrets that he found out about and was very Unhappy so he decided he didn't think that child Deserved anything. Now according to the lawyer they had 7 months to contest the will and it's executor (my mother) . No one did it was very clear in the will and cut and dry. Now the Sibling that wasn't given anything began to harass and insult my mother calling her a Greedy *itch, and that they hate her guts and wishes all this ill will on her.
My mother had nothing to do with my Grandfather's will. My mom has medical problems with her bowels (IBS) and also Ulcers. She just recently found out that this sibling is going to try to sue her cause they want to know what happened to my Grandfather's money....
I don't know if this sibling knows but their father was not a rich man from hearing what was in the will the only think that was of Value was his Vehicle and that was donated to Charity. As Stated in his will.
SO Please if anyone can tell me.....why are people so bitter toward each other even when they are's just cruel.
Zaleanda Zaleanda
36-40, F
Dec 6, 2012