My big brother is in the Navy. He is supposed to be a feul specialist, fueling the planes on the ships and putting out fires and such. Right now, he is stationed in Japan, but on his way to Australia. I haven't seen him since before Halloween, 2006. He had been home for two weeks. I probably won't see him untill August. I miss him SO much... we're pretty close. I can't wait for him to come home... but I am still more proud of him than he will ever know. I love him, so much! May God bless him, and all other serving our country.
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My older brother is also in the navy and is stationed in Japan, I don't hardly ever get to see him. He did finally come home for a week and had to go right back. I miss him but also know that he is serving our country and I am proud of what he and everyone in the military does.