Isn't My Wedding My Day?

I'm not sure where this all began. I'm not sure what I did or even what he did but my family seems to have something against it. Today my grandfather who has been 100% supportive of me getting married flip flopped completely. He told me because my fiance did not propose with ring in hand that it doesn't count and that it makes him less of a man. I don't understand why. I feel like him asking me to marry him is enough for me. If he can proclaim his love and that he wants to spend his life with me then that should be enough. A ring is just a piece of jewelry that says it. I personally don't need the ring to know he loves me. Why does my family need me to have a ring to prove it? Its just a symbol. They keep telling me how badly my wedding is being put together and I feel like if its MY wedding then its MY way. I wish they would leave me alone. I wish my family would stop tearing me apart over the man I love. You can't tell me that the man I love is less of a man because he didn't propose the way you did. I am going to lose my mind... and I feel at this point I'll be lucky if I make it to my own wedding day.
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1 Response Dec 23, 2011

you're damn sure gonna make it to UR wedding day cuz i aint wearin a dress for just anyone'am!