Sisterly Issues

I have never gotten on with my step-sister but we were pushed together constantly by my dad since he got with her mum when we were about 12 years old (I am now in my 20s). Our relationship was that bad that I begged my dad to let me go to boarding school to get away from her, which he granted me.

To cut a long story short - my dad owns property and he allowed me to live in one for the duration of my time at University... on the condition that I live with my step-sister. Now, of course, this made life very easy for me in terms of money matters and I thought that I could put up with living with my step-sister for this...

I was wrong.

She is a lazy slob. Filthy, doesn't clean up after herself, has no respect for me and has questionable people to stay. On the most recent occasion one of these 'friends' of hers found their way into my bedroom... whilst I was asleep in there! Anyway, we argued about it all and she said she couldn't live with me anymore and moved out. But, she has left all of her stuff FOR MONTHS in the spare room and it is starting to smell in there... My dad told me I am not allowed to touch any of her things and that I am to leave them there, but I really need to get in there and clean because the smell is starting to spread into the rest of the flat :S! He has also told me I am not allowed to have anyone stay there because it is 'rude' and mean for my step-sister. This is weird because I had friends to stay when she was living here and they wouldn't even be staying in her room (I wouldn't put them through that it is truly disgusting). I feel like he is controlling me because I am living in his property but right now I do not have the financial means to move out.

Whenever I try and talk to him about it he goes mental at me and gets so so angry and defensive to my step-sister even though she was never kicked out or anything, she walked out because she never wants to fess up to anything that she has done wrong (she just lies anyway so I have learned that there is no point in trying to confront her properly about things). Also, when I confronted her about her behavior she turned to me and told me that my dad never loved me and wished she was his daughter, that he thought I was a disgrace. Not to sound boring or anything but I pretty much never do anything wrong, have always worked and am a high academic achiever whilst she hasn't done anything since she was 16... and I mean anything. SO clearly that really hurt me but my dad just brushed it off and made excuses for her like he always did when we were kids.

I am at a loss of how to communicate with my dad now because he always fights her corner and just shouts at me and tells me to 'keep the peace' and be 'diplomatic' all the time... but I just go with 'tell the truth' so we clash. Needless to say Christmas is going to be awkward this year.
Oxyy Oxyy
Dec 5, 2012