My parents seem to favor my older sister. She's 2 years older than me. I have noticed it for a quite while now, but currently is getting worse. She's about to start college and just got her license. My mom is always talking about how intelligent she is and always conversing about her artistic skills, and how she's very crafty. She believes I'm not very intelligent. One day, she was calling my sister to figure out a puzzle in an article and immediately I went to help her, she refused my help and said I wouldn't know how to solve it. That made me feel very inferior. And many times she has insinuated that I'm intellectually inferior to my sister. She never said a good word about me. My dad adores her as well, he's a photographer and always uses her to for modeling sessions. That may be because she is taller and by far prettier than me. And always takes her with him to his trips. The rest of my family feel the same way as well. They are always sending her messages asking about her day, no one seems to care about me. The feeling of inferiority is very present in my daily life. Does anyone have any suggestions for further family relation improvement?
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Yea I understand my sister is two years older than me too and it's always her before me her words against mines I'm the bad one but she doesn't get caught and lies on me if I do something ALL hell is breaking lose I'd she does the same thing is fine
I feel like a second class citizen in my own

I'm so sorry that they treat you so badly!! Do you think that they know that they are doing it??? I know my son had to point it out to me!! I had to put more effort to watch it !!

Well sometimes I do because my mom actually admitted that she does get on me more but I don't know why I THINK it's because MY dad is the one who hurt her so much not my sister's... but thanks

Well have you took each one a side and ask them ?? What are you good at??? Then take them to watch you do just that!! Like if you are good at swimming !! You and your mom go for a lunch than a swim!!! So them what you are good at!!

When your sister is gone it well be
Easier for you to shine!! She will be gone!! But know this no matter how they act you have very specials things about you!! Don't let her get you down!! You are as great as you make yourself!!

Short story

I know a small young lady with special handicaps!! Any way the parents pay more attention to her because of the handicaps!! Well Sally felt that her parents love her more!! Until one day she got hurt very bad!! That was when she found that her parents love her!! They thought she just knew it!! So that was when they started to talk!!