The issues my family and I have are huge. Too big for me to feel comfortable talking about specifics.
My real question is this: If you have come to the realization that this family member is causing nothing but pain, disgust, heartache, and confusion, how do you cut them out of your life?
I don't know what the proper channels are, but I am ready to make this decision. Just need a bit of advice..
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

I guess the first thing to consider is how easy is this to accomplish and how badly does it need to be done.
Do they cause you physical harm or do you fear they will when confronted?
If the answer is yes then a protective order from a local court would be your best option.
Do you live with them?
If not then you can take the high road and tell them politely what your doing and why.
If you do live with them than you have to move or they do.
Good luck

Have you tried to be forward and just tell them that you no longer wish them to be in your life because of what they do?

I would be upfront about it and be honest and firm. Going your seperate ways. Like breaking up.