Oh, Yes, Its My Mom

My mom... shes easy get on my nerves... Everything i do, its not good for her, except only that thing what she want... Shes always bug me with something. If I fail in something, she's the first person that said: "I told you..." She want completely control my life. I'm a crossdresser, and what.. I born in this way... She's always ask to me: Are you gay?? Why you haven't girlfriend?? But, if i have a relationship, she is the first who start to ruin that. A past i found a lovely woman, she had similar hobbies like my mom, so it has a chance to they can be in good relationship... Nope, she was the devil... after two week she began her war against my girlfriend... My life was like an emotional mill... We broke up, a few years ago, than i found another woman, who still pretty and very smart, the first few week oh, shes so pretty i cheer up for you, than you know.. "She isn't perfect for you... yack-yack..." and for now again the same melody... "Why you haven't girlfriend"... Anyway i didn't need to help for ruining my life, i can do that alone... So she's the type, who need to avoid... She can't maintain a clearness, shes so messy... and of course she know everything better....

 The most thing that i hate in her: She's always played the prettiest mom role....

 If i organize my life again, after this deep hole, when I'm currently be, i move off to the another half of the world.. so she will not be able to came after me :D
VivienXX VivienXX
26-30, T
Jul 25, 2010