My Grandmother

my fathers mother has a ******* drinking problem which has not a damn thing to do with me. and one time the family came down for the forth of july and she strted drinking as soon as she got to our house and didnt stp until she went to bed so on n so forth until she left, so im hangin out wth my cousins mindin my own damn business and she has a cup of a vdka mix in one hand n grbs me wth the othr n pulls me in to the room n shuts the door n im like yes? n shes like i knw wht ur doing, n im like whtr u tlking about n shes like dnt ply dumb u knw wht u are a ***** and some mn is gonna put u on the street corner n at tht point i jst shut up cuz i wnt to get away frm her n shes like im gonna slap u this n tht so i jst wlk out cuz i cudnt stnd anothr second of her drunk self. i mean i respect her as an adult bt othr thn tht she betr nt excpect **** frm me
tartbreeze tartbreeze
13-15, F
Aug 11, 2010