How'd I Get So Lucky???

I have the weirdest family. We have never showed up for a holiday or funeral, wedding or christening without a huge feud erupting at some point. No one gets along, everyone is jealous of everyone else, the competition is so out of control. No behavior is too outlandish or forbidden, My aunt Rita showed up at gramps funeral, stood over the casket and apologized to gramps for the low class place handling his funeral (every single member of our family for 3 generations had been waked out of there) She then turned to my dad, who made all the arrangements and said, "do us all a favor and at least do the right thing, die tomorrow so daddy has someone to watch over him." My father lost it and slapped her....within two minutes the brawl had expanded out to the street and four people wound up in the hospital. Christmas was the most miserable of all though, if the exact perfect gift was not given, the hysteria was like a volcano erupting. I hate my family, there is not one of them I would help or talk to anymore. I stay away from them all, they don't have my cell phone number and I'm hoping to move completely out of the state and just disappear. - FOREVER!
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Good God that is crazy. Funny but CRAZY.

atleast u celebrate christmas =P

thanks guys. r there any normal families in america? i still yearn for something like the waltons.

Mine doesn't necessarily erupt into physical violence in public, but the level of jealousy, rage, that stupid suppressed hatred disguised as joking crap, and all of what you describe sounds like what I've seen a lot of in my family, too. Any physical abuse is of course in private with us. It's a very new thing for me to try to really examine how things are and try to cope / deal with it. In other words, like you're saying, I'm feeling like the answer is to just get away. I can't completely. Yet. But I am at least working on mental separation, and creating some distance, and then will continue to create more actual distance when it's feasible. I'm sorry you are dealing with such intensity. And though it might feel better to get away like you are doing, I don't know if you feel it, but I also feel sad about impending distance between me and mine. Not that they're the best for you, but you just wish things were different. Somehow. I know, that might be dumb to think about. But I still do.

know the feelings i hate holidays just for that reason there is always a fight