Why Cant My Mum Just Leave Me Alone!!

I kicked her out of my life. I moved to my aunt and uncle. She decides to come and live with her father because he was ill, only problem that's in the same country as i moved away. A year we lived close to each other and yet she never called, she never came to see me, she never tried to get close to me.
Another 6 months keep going. Through that 1 and half year, i suffered from severe depression, all because of her. I decide to confront her, tell her
what i think and feel. She doesn't say anything, nor tries to communicate with me. I hear nothing for months and months. Then suddenly when my trip that i have planned for long time is approaching, she sends an email to me dad, her ex husband. She says that i will get raped and kidnapped if i go. so all this planning and waiting to go, i guess it was worth nothing huh?
UmbraEyes UmbraEyes
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1 Response Apr 23, 2012

yeah i still hate her fr that