All Of My Family Members Bother Me

hoever there is ONE in particular that drives me up the wall and that is my grandpa. A lot of people have said to me "Respect him because hes older then you and has been through a lot" this man hasn't been though ****! Hes lived through a great depression and 3 wars, never been in one so of course hes survived them all. Hes always had a very simple, easy going, everything being put exactly in the right place kind of life. He was born, he went to school, high school, college, got a degree, worked a 9-5 job, met my grandmother, bought a house, got married, had kids, got some grand kids. Literally NOTHING exciting has happened in his life.

If I had a grandfather who had been IN a war, had gotten a divorce and worked odd jobs I would be SO much more interested in his life. But this man has lived the same life for 94 years, nothing drastic has ever changed. Its so boring and i have to hear about his boring life 5 days a week. And if he isnt talking about his boring existence he blabbing on about how windy it is outside, 5 miles an hour holy ****! no way! He doesn't even go outside, he sits in his small one story, three bed room house 24/7 unless he has to go see a doctor which is every 3+ months. 

I think the only interesting thing about my grandpa is he had dogs. Sadly he only tells the same three stories over and over and over and over again. I am so happy I will never be like that.

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atleast he tells you stories

He doesnt tells me about his past. His "stories" never change. And all of them are really mundane and he seems to have no emotional connection to them. Like his story about how he met my grandma and they got married. When he tells it its not like its a happy "I love my wife story" its more of a "its what you do in life, you work, you get married you have kids. No big deal" He makes everything sound like he never had any fun in life, he just lived it and thats it. I personally would rather he not talk at all.

well. marriage isnt a fun thing to do anyways =P