The Bad Seeds

when i was growing up my sister and i were supposed to be the "bad seeds".
we listen to the devil's music, and drank and smoked.
i started getting into bars when i was 16 and old enough to drive.
and fake id's were a lot easier to make back then.
my friends and i went to this one bar so often they stopped asking for id at all cuz they recognized us.
and the head bouncer was a retired state trooper lol.

my uncle's kids were supposed to be good ones.
always made straight A's in school.
never did anything wrong.
hell i even had to drive my cousin on his 1st date.
her took her to a rodeo and had her home before dark.
he could never understand why she always turned him down for the 2nd date.
but at least i got her number.

flash forward 30 years.
i have had a job since i was old enough to work.
i got married and had kids, and even after my divorce i pay voluntary child support.
bout a grand a month.

my sister had to turn to stripping to pay the bills but it also got her thru nursing school.

my cousins didn't turn out so well.
he joined the marines after college, then got thrown out of the marines.
no easy feat. the marines always take care of their own.
and they gave him alot of chances but he was too much of an alcohlic.

i rarely even have a beer these days, and if i do its just with a meal or socially.

she turned into a pill *****.
and got herself arrested a few times for forging checks so she could by more pills.

i haven't taken anything stronger than an aspirin since i found out my ex was pregnant with my 1st kid.

but here is the real clincher.

my mother was finally succumbing to cancer after a years long battle.
she moved home to spend her last weeks, and stayed with her brother, my uncle.
i had made it my habit to stop and see her for an hour or so on my way to work every night.
now for some still unknown reason, my uncle and aunt had gotten mad at me and gotten it into their heads to not let me in when i came to see my mom.
where i am from in the south you do not try to keep a man from his dying mother.
so i kicked in the front door and sat with my mom till the cops showed up.

i had to tell my side of the story to the arresting officers, the booking officers, write it all down.
tell it again to the magistrate who would set my bail.

needless to no one could believe why i had done what i had done.
they could not believe that my relatives would so spitefull.
well they are...

i was released without bail, but i was not allowed to go near my uncles home or him or any of his family.
so for the last weeks of my mom's life i was not allowed to see her till she was moved to the hospital at the end.

but the story is Still not over...

my uncle called me and siad that if i called and apologized to everyonei had scared, kind of a lengthy list, he would drop the charges.
not want to go to jail and lose my job, i agreed.
i made all the calls and let everyone tell me what a bad person i was.

Still Not over....

at my mom's funeral, my sister and i were shoved aside like strangers.
we had to sit in the back, while my aunt, uncle and step father wallowed in the attention.
i was not allowed to go thru my mom's things, and only got a few heirlooms that my sister salvaged.
by the time we got there everything had been picked clean.

STILL not over...

my court date comes, and i show up like i am suppossed to.
i ask the arresting officer about my charges, telling him what i had agreed to with my uncle.
so he checkes for me, and the charges Never got dropped.
my aunt and uncle don't show up however, so i tell the story 1 last time to the judge.
he looked appalled.
he dismissed the charges and told me to try to be good for 6 months.

so yeah, i got family that get on my nerves.
which is whay i have not had contact with them in 15 years.
Devilonyashoulda Devilonyashoulda
46-50, M
1 Response May 15, 2012

yup, Devilonyashoulda... same old same old<br />
<br />
we can pick our friends <br />
<br />
............................... but not our families.<br />
<br />
and yet, maybe, again, just maybe, the influence of your family contributed to making you the successful person that you are, today. with my respect, robbie