My Dad's Sister Is The Worst.

She posed as my dead mother just to see my dad in the ICU. They have certain hours that you can visit. They let me see him first since I was his daughter. She came up from Florida only when he was diagnosed terminally ill. The time before that she came up to PA was when my mother passed. She kept wanting to drink and kept on saying it was a party! I was to emtionally drained than to deal with that. Now if I ever seen her I would probably beat her up. I can't lie so angers me. I did end up getting so mad at her I growled and then just walked away from her. I had to much to deal with than to tolerate her behaviour at 59. I was only 20 and was acting more like an adult than she was. I have other family members that I just don't talk to cause they have a dark past and act better than everyone else. I don't like judgemental people. I mean my one cousin has a son. She won't let him look at girls in bikikni's ( He was 16 at this time) but she walked around him in a thong!!!!!!! Then I noticed he was REAlly close to his mom. I tried saying something but everyone just chose to ignore it. I don't really talk to anyone in my family anymore. The one's I did have either passed on or I just lost contact with them. However When I was growing up they only showed up if they needed money. Yeah let's ask the poor for donations! Wow So yeah pretty much my whole family gets on my nerves. I have formed family that isn't blood related though. It is alot easier to deal with them!!!!
Tara277 Tara277
31-35, F
May 20, 2012