Tired Of It All

I am usually a very patient person, and am very easy to get along with, but my family just seems to take me for granted. You can't have a conversation with them without them getting upset and angry and storming out of the room. And I'm usually not involved in the conversation, but I still get the left over attitude and I'll try to change the subject but they just aren't having it. After all these years I'm just sick of it. If they want to be pissed off for no reason I'm just not gonna care anymore.
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22-25, F
2 Responses May 24, 2012

I take all my father's doctor's appointments. when he is lonely ..I am there. He is the first one to disappear when one of my siblings has something fun to do..I am also taken for granted

Same, except I have a ***** of a aunt who thinks she is entitled to everything. Getting a attitude with me not cleaning even though I pay every Penny of the ******* rent.i swear to god she ****** me off so much I almost had a heart attack.