My Cousin Can Be Such A Pushover

Yesterday, he really pissed me off. We agreed to go on a short road trip on Tuesday, but now he is bailing, because he feels too guilty about going, since his family is going up this weekend, and he has to work. First off, how the hell is not going with me going to change the fact that he cannot go this weekend with his family? It doesnt. Then he goes and tells me he wants to wait for several weeks, which knowing him, that means I will never get around to it. Thats happened everytime he wants to postpone something. He will not do anything until the conditions are absolutely perfect. So forget it, I'll go up with real people who are not just a bunch of traitors. But this is just how he has always been, a doormat. He walks all over me, just cause Im a nice guy. Yet he will let bullies push him around. Just cause he has some issues of not being able to stand up for himself does not mean he can just take it out on me.
ratburn ratburn
Jul 13, 2012