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I am absolutely livid with my mom's youngest I could cuss her a** OUT right about now!

So here's what happened...I took off a whole week from my job to go visit my grandparents but while being there me my sister & cousin worked for my aunt & uncle at their church since all their employees were on vaca...she treated us like real employees, we worked long hours like 10-3 or 4 and she said she would pay us

Me & my sister did office work my cousin did yard work...a month later she STILL has not payed us when she said she would...about a week or 2 I wasn't trippin, we ate for free while we were there her & my grandma took turns cooking throughout the week & in the real world u get paid like every 2 wks

But this is just ridiculous she's doing this on purpose cuz she's childish & I'm pissed!!! & she gone hear from me my thing is if u weren't gonna pay us...just say that...if u are it needs to be in a decent time Span

Like I missed work for u thinking I would get paid & in decent timing I coulda stayed home and worked at my whenever she decides to pay us she gone hear from me...I'm gonna talk to my mom about how to go about doing it but this is just WRONG & that's the problem no one ever tells her about her wrong doings cuz she's super sensitive & always thinks she's right but idgaf I'm saying something if no one else the nicest way possible of course bc she is an adult

But I just can't believe this & this is why NO family members want to work for her smh
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Let her kno what she's doing is wrong Google ur local laws and send them to her about owing money and let her kno that if you don't get ur money you will take legal action and then give her an outline of the cost that route would be