My Parents.

No matter what you say or do you are always wrong to them. I never can be the child they love because i am not smart enough, skinny enough or happy enough. My parents tend to try to ruin my life and they think it is okay. I cant stand another night crying. Its either im not good enough or i did something wrong. I can try to be me but they always shut me down. Like i didnt do their dishes or laundry because i was at work and cleaning other things so they were mad at me instead of respecting what i did or do. I just get walked on and i dont matter. i am a teenager trapped in this pathetic household, My life was all happy and fun till my step mom came here. She tore us apart and now i have to live without people and be pushed around. No matter what i say its wrong. I tell them i need something and they ***** about how we have so much of it when it is the wrong thing and have nothing. They think because they got something 3 years ago and it was used it is always there but they are wrong. They are selfish and only think about themselves and i cant stand this much longer.
1ThatGirl1 1ThatGirl1
22-25, F
Aug 4, 2012