The Right Reverend

Like all the Males in My family,other than my self,Both my little brothers are ministers.The youngest is fine,its the middle brother that i have a problem with.All his life He has been a concited "Hey look at how good I am" pompas ***.Now in his fifties nothing has changed.
I always dread the holidays because I have to see Him.Last Christmas I listened to Him talk
about a revival He had held, and HE had saved 300 people! At this point Id had enough.
"Wait", I said,"You saved 300 people"?
"Huh,Id always thought God did that".
"Well of course,but thru Me".
"Oh,lucky You were there for Him could'nt have started with out Ya"
"You just have an evil spirit about You"!
Ill tell You people,I so wanted the ability to turn my head in a 180!
I held on for another half an hour but,when He bragged about His Rolex,it was time for Me to go
home.The Right Revrend has always known the right buttons to push and would have loved to see me lose My temper.

The1960texan The1960texan
51-55, M
Sep 8, 2012