Who Are You To Judge?

I just want to say I love my family, no matter how messed up we are! My mom has never been able to keep a relationship long, and the one's that she does are crazy controlling and abusive. My sister is a year younger and her relationships have been with men who just want to control her, use her and all have cheated on her, yet she still goes back.. now my relationships aren't good either except I'm usually the controlling one.. well this relationship has been a whole lot different, he has a baby, we're young, moved in 5 months into our relationship and this is a first for us both. We definitely fight quite a bit but in any relationship there's fighting especially when its the first time you've moved out of your parents and lived with the opposite sex let alone your bf/gf.. well we've almost been living together for a year, and yes we still fight a lot. But we love each other and always help each other out and I think we're good, even when were bad.. well my sister dated my bfs brother and of course there was a lot of drama and it was bad.. my sister has never liked any guy I date and I don't like her guys. It's always been the same. But this time they are going to far, my sister has convinced everyone my bf is horrible and his family is(who she's never gotten along with but I have) because of this they are trying to set me up on dates, I can't visit without hearing how I should move out and leave him ect ect.. it's gotten to the point where I can't even call or text because they just talk ****.. and my bf doesn't understand why I don't visit but I don't want to say anything.. I just don't see how they can judge me, he hasn't hit me, cheated on me, used me. Nothing to that extent, we just argue like normal couples.. It makes things so hard and I've told them.. I just want it to stop already! They can't decided anything for me and they haven't been in my shoes so know nothing. They really get under my skin right now.
Hush0Angel Hush0Angel
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2012