Fat Pigs

Two pizzas were bought for 5 people. I didn't eat earlier because I was nauseated. I thought, surely, there would be some left for me. Nooooo. They ate 1 1/2 pizzas with only the nasty *** left. An entire 1/2 was purchased for me, taking into account my dislikes but did they even consider me when they decided to eat it all? Hell ******* no. That would be to polite. Instead they ate like fat pigs and I was forgotten. And my mom only had 1 piece so 3 people ate all of that. Family sized! ******* hogs. It depresses me that I'm forgotten so easily and that my sisters are so inconsiderate. You would think a 31 year old, 23 year old, and 18 year old would have considered the baby sister. But no. I'm left near tears alone at how I was forgotten. This type of thing happens so much. They remember me when they want to make fun of me and that's all. All I've ever been to them is an idiot.

Also, if I even eat 1 bite they all assume I've eaten heaps and make fun of me and yell at me. That's why I stopped eating last year.

I'm left crying, sick, in pain, and starving now. Why am I always there if anyone needs anything but no one ever remembers me? I'm in so much physical pain but they wouldnt care. Why would they? I'm a fat slob that eats by the truck load and almost never exists.
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I am so sorry,
That sounds awful, but I have to say starving yourself is no solution. You are not fat, and you know that. You can't let what other people say bother you so much. Most people who do things like that are deeply insecure and some times jealous. There are many approches to this, but I would say start by being honest. Tell them that what they are saying is very hurtful and mean. Also tell them that you feel forgotten and you would appreciate it if they would be more considerate sometimes. If this dosen't work, try to stand up for yourself. tell them that they are all adults acting like children, ridiculing you and hurting you. Say that you deserve better and to be treated with respect. If neither approches work, whenever they say something like rude say that was hurtful and that you wont listen to it, and exit. Just remember not to let it get to you, and know that you deserve to be treated respectfully especially from your own family and call them up on that.

Hang in there, good luck.

Thx :-)

hope I can help :)) I am the baby of six brothers and sisters :))

I'm the baby of 8 with only 1 boy

Oh wow! thats a lot, I can see why you might feel forgotten :(

Yaaaa it sucks

Let me know how it works out :)

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pizza comes and goes and will always be there
at least you got sisters , even if they r hogs
think about all the presents they gonna have to give u fo christmas
make them buy u spensive things lol and always make your mom buy you the best presentssss lol never settle for less , next time u order pizza
only order 1 and eat it all lol

Its not the pizza its that I'm so easily forgotten