58 And Still Mom's Baby

My mom is the control freak from hell. She is never wrong. I have seen her, a bookkeeper and a seamstress, declare that a book on house wiring is wrong. From her way of looking at it I am always wrong. No one can be as wrong as she claims I am. The biggest screw up to have ever lived f*cked up and got it right now and then. In the world according to "Billie" depression is nothing but an excuse to be lazey.
I am the eldest of three; but I am still her "baby" and I hate it. I have always been the one to help her with what ever the project of the day was. My dad would duck out, smart man. My brother was not going to be bothered with it. My sister was not going to do it. I mam epileptic, have been since I was 9. Because of my seizure condition I am more dependent that I would like. Mom feeds on that and she can not stand that I am excerting my independance. I bought a house to get out of her house and live as I wanted. I am not a neat person and a lousy house keeper. She is on my *** constantly to clean my house. She does inspections when she can. I changed my locks, not to keep her out; but it gave me the chance to do that. So some one would have a key in some emergency I gave my sister a key, with instructions NOT to let mom get a copy. The ***** let our mom borrow the key.
Don't know why I let her do it; but mom has made some drapies for me. She hangs them tomorrow. The house is not going to be up to her standards and we will fight. I just want to be allowed to live my life. Mom has been asked by; friends, her sister, at least one cousin, "why do you worry so much? It's his house leave him alone". That will never happen, they will be skiing the slopes of hell first.
sfrancisk sfrancisk
61-65, M
Dec 15, 2012