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I've been living in my parent's house since birth,
I'm still single (there's a reason for this) and in this house, I live with my mother and my sister's family (her, her husband and her son).

At first I don't have any complain, because I think I shouldn't since this is not my own house but my parent's. But then... all hell break loose.
I have to pay for the house expenses like electricity bills, water bills, telephone bills, and internet bills. While my mother took care of the meals and other household needs... then... my sister did nothing.

She always says that she already spent all her money on her son and other stuffs, like the school fees, insurances, etc. But then again, I still cannot comprehend it. "WHAT IS SHE THINKING?!"

Ok, now let me write down the bills:
1. Water bills -
I'm not really troubled by it, because its only around 4-6 USD / month. No big deal...
2. Telephone bills -
This is not a big deal either, since its rarely used (usually we just use our cellphone or live-chat).
3. Internet bills -
I'm the only one using it, so it is obvious that I'm the one paying, so its no big deal too. (About 30 USD / month for 512 Kbps bandwidth, so slow yet so expensive)

So what's the big deal? Electricity Bills!
lets say, I use my PC 24 hours a month and I use my room's AC (Air Conditioner/Cooler) at least 4-6 hours / day... in a month, it would costs around 20-24 USD... But the reality is, the monthly expenses for electricity is about 80-90 USD! The rest are from my sister usage... so why won't she pay for her share?!

I really------------------------- hate her. --a
But in my family, the youngest has no right to wrong the elder... and I'm basically had no allies here in this family...
firebomber firebomber
26-30, M
Jan 7, 2013