Heart Broken

I have been married for 7 years. I met my wife quick before that so I did not have enough time to know her well. She kept saying she is bored and want kids, in 5 years we got 3 kids! now that drove her nuts, can not catch up with them, one needs feeding the other needs help in the washroom the third is something else and so on. I get home tired from work and I help her in everything, giving them shower, putting them to bed. I did not go to the gym for few months because i stay home helping her. Every day she goes to bed like dead tired, we have no family where we are here or friends, we tried to make some friends but it did not work. I have my own business so I thought to get her at work so she wont feel bored, especially after kids are in school or day care now. She learned the bad stuff from other people like one called on cops for her husband. One day I was at the washroom heard her talking on the phone I thought it may be a friend but then i found it was the cops I was like holy **** why i did not do a dam thing to her I was not even close to her. she kept talking to them and of course they like to have some action so they show they work. When I told her just get off the phone she did not know what to do, so stupid. I came to hang up the phone and one of my kids was on the way and made me fall down on her. There was like 8 police officers at my door in 10 minutes, it scare my kids. I was telling my son it is ok they are my friends and they were saying get away from the kid do you have gun. I was like what is this, i asked them just all of you get out of my home to the garage. She was the one after that bugging them to leave me alone first but they did not listen to her. I am very professional. every one respect me here. I have masters degree too. I never been to a police station except for car tickets. She messed a lot with me and I just feel sad for the kids, they love both of us so much. She broke my heart so bad and I feel she is just so dump sometimes. I sleep in other room for many months. she just care about her kids, and her family, always on the phone with them. I feel it is so boring and she does not satisfy my basic needs. I tried to get some other job and sell my business or get away from the house but I know she can not live or do anything without me. ,The kids kept crying for few days I left the house. I don't want to burn my self for the kids, I want to feel loved and cared about, I like sex a lot and I miss that a lot too. I don't like to do what I used to do in high school or cheat on her. I feel lost.
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Jan 15, 2013