Sister In Law Drama

omg. my sister in law and i cannot get along for more than a month and both of our husbands r in iraq so i may go crazy....

luvableredhead2003 luvableredhead2003
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2 Responses Dec 30, 2008

Is there some rule somewhere that says you and your sister-in-law have to get along? You are married to your husband, not your husband's brother's sister. You have no obligation to her, nor her to you.

I also don't understand what being in Iraq has to do with anything.

If you don't get along with this person, stay away from them. Why is it not that simple?

i have a sister inlaw that i have to fourse myself to be nice 2, my sister died and my mother had to go into a nursing home, her condo had to be sold, my mother wanted me to have a fountain that my dead sister gave her ,when my sister inlaw found out that mother wanted me to have it she through a tantrum and cryed, and my brother always gives her what she wants, well i dident give her what she wanted so he has treated me like crap.she was an only child and from a privalaged family and dident hear the word no,, untill now. my little brother got every thing he needed and most of what he wanted,,untill now. sooooo im the bad guy. we cant pick our family but we can stand up 4 r selves.