Drama Queens

My mom, aunt and sister - and all of my nieces.

I tend to avoid drama - like the PLAGUE!! :) Myabe I should have been a man ...

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I just joined this forum and your comments are so funny and so true!!! I feel the same way. For a while now I've felt weird around my sisters & sister in law. When they're together all they could talk about is other people...how everyone around them is doing this wrong and that wrong. It's gotten to a point where I can't even stand to have a conversation with them. The minute you have a different point of view from them, you become the villain. What is up with people?!

Oh, you don't have to be a man to be rational! Your boobs will not fall off without a daily dose of backstabbing and sugary smiles, I can garantee you that.

Sigh. I have a few of those. Guess that's why I'm commenting all around this EP and not talking to them.

my sisters both of them . lord my sister doesnt see it why i dont pick up the phone

LOL.. me and you both, i hate all that backstabbing and two facedness that comes out when women get together.. i cant handle the fake smiles they give others then bitchin they do behind their backs... makes me wonder what they say about me!!