Really my mom, love her to death but gaw she needs to learn how to control herself!
One day I came home from work and lay down, all I hear is her yelling at my dad, calling him names, talking crap About me and my sister and my boyfriend. I went to ask what was going on. Then she starts yelling at me saying she hates me wish she never had children that my boyfriend is a piece of **** that is she dies she wants none of us at her grave. And plenty more till finally I packed mine n my bf bags and left and even then she started fallowing me around talking crap, saying my bf is brainwashing me, that's the only reason I was leaving. She wouldn't stop. N the worst thing while I was downstairs she threatened my bf that she was gonna shoot him.
Then her neighbor comes out to see what all the fuss is and she starts yelling and crying, they won't leave they won't leave me alone, while I was holding my bed right by the stairs waiting for my bf to help me with it and her neighbor starts telling me to leave!
I was like wtf I'm trying. And I still had my cat inside she didn't want to let me in to get my cat. So we left, n the next day she calls me to pick up my cat, then the following day she calls to apologize! Pphh she's crazy if she thinks I am ever going to communicate with her again. She said too many ugly things to me and made me look like a fool for no reason
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Sep 2, 2014