I Really Don't Know What To Do Now?

hi i'm really confused that what should i do. i don't know where to start from i have to so much to talk about to someone who can understand but writing all that will take many hours.

just to start with i have a family of 4 members dad,mom, one elder sister and me. my mother is growing through depression from last many years and because of that and her insecurities my and my sisters life is spoiled. moreover the worst part is my dad don't do anything about it. i have no other distant relative i can talk to. i have lost all hope, my confidence my strength to bear any more in last few years i don't know what to do now.

i always had dreams about my future but the situation is i have no future no hope of improvement either. Last 2 years i have spend in my home i cant go anywhere or talk to anyone as my mom dont like it now she dont care what me and my sister feel or want. sometimes i feel like ok i can live like this but really i cant my mom is suffering from depression sometimes i feel i'm suffering from depression too but we cant take her to the doctor.

my mother had struggled a lot to make us what we are my dad never did anything except his work and now for the one most important thing he need to do he was not able to do that too. i dont know how to explain my situation can anyone please help me out here i just need someone to talk to who can understand.
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i think instead of getting affected by the disease of you mother you and your sis should try to overcome the circumstances by developing the +ve approach towards life and treating your mother with that approach, and make the things better for all of your as there is no other right solution there for you.<br />
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do yoga, eat healthy food, jog, talk with +ve people, read +ve literature(try to make these all as your regular habit as this will develop +ve energy within you)<br />
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add me if you want, as i got an error while doing so<br />
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Best wishes

we have tried a lot but now all our +ve energy is drained too. we also want to go out n talk to people but we cant do that we r not allowed to leave our house. i want to be back to normal full of energy n hope but now even if i try i end up more depressed

what at least you can do within your house is do some yoga, like kapalbhati prayanam and surya namaskaar. Read some +ve literature, try reading srimad bhagwat gita at least at once. Do exercises at home. Talk to other +ve people, on internet(if not possible in real). Try to take the control over the circumstances at your home and regulate the actions of other persons-that you think are not mentally healthy.

Best Wishes

trully speaking i was never the person i have become now i hate myself but i cant change it back i was a person who was famous for her smile in my college and was the best employee with strong self motivation and now i dnt even know what to do....

Share more experinece and join some more similar groups, you will get the support you need I'm sure... Thanks for opening up, your not alone, be strong and smile in the face of it all my friend ;-)