Famiy Problems...help!

Well My Mum And Dad Broke Up When I Was Little. I've Been ine About The Boyfriends She's Had, Since I See My Dad Once A Month (My Real Dad) My Little Sister Sees Him 2ce A Month. But Now My Mum Has A Boyfriend, They've Been Together Two Years, But He Is Horrid! He Is A 2 Timer, I KNow That For Sure (He Was Sleeping With Another Woman In The Back Of His Car) And He Is A Bloody Child Abuser! I Have a 1cm Deep Slash On My Arm/Wrist From Him, And Loads of Other Wounds. And Worst Of All, He Has Got My Mum Pregnant. There WEas One Thing That Made Me Feel Like Mum And Dad Were Together, Now Its Gone. What Should I Do?EveryTime I Try Tell Her About Him She Says "He Would Never Do That. I Bet You Hurt Yourself Playing Netball!" PLease Help :'( 
purpletiger500 purpletiger500
1 Response May 13, 2012

call the police if you are being abused