My Family :/

So today are school I sighed up to audition for the school musical (little shop of horrors) and I got home an told my brother and mom they said I should have because I probably don't even know how to sing and shouldn't embarrass myself. They were both laughing and just being rude and mean. I was questioning wether or not to sign up in the 1st place. Because I'm nervous plus mu mom and brother are always like that:( always bitter. So now I'm deciding whether or nit to do it:/ brother says I can't even act. We are actually both in a play rite now. He got the lead and I'm a fairy without a speaking part... he is always rude. But all of this is really getting to me.:( I wanted to cry. I want to prove them wrong and make it. But what if I don't and completely embarrass myself?:(
Hope152 Hope152
18-21, F
Sep 6, 2012