Long Story Short!

When I was a little girl about three my first memory was the night my mother left my dad, took my two older sisters and I away from him.
It still haunts me, that night sitting at the table eating spaghetti having a nice dinner and then all of a sudden my mom starts screaming at my father and I remember she walked off into their room and they were yelling at each other. And my mom comes out and brings us to our room and tells us to pack our things that we were leaving. So as we packed we were upset and crying and she took our things to the bronco and my dad comes up to me and gets down on his knees and is balling his eyes out and tells me he loves me and he will see us soon and then we were in the truck driving off in the night...
Ever since then my family has only gotten worse and further apart than ever, my mother has had two husbands since then and they have both been rude and mean to either one of us or both and the last was the worst, my sisters real father who was never there for her never met her before is all of a sudden in our lives and at first he was fine and a nice guy but as soon as my mother started to go back to school and i was alone with him he would treat me like trash, he wouldn't hit me or harm me physically but mentally i was destroyed by him! I started to hate them both because when I told my mother she didn't believe me and she would make excuses for him for everything. I was locked up in my own house for almost two months and i was unable to contact anyone even my aunt or sisters and my dad had called my mother one day and I told him the situation and he got me out of there PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!
tink4728 tink4728
18-21, F
Sep 15, 2012