My Dad.

I'm pretty sure many people know how I feel. My dad & I were like best friends. I'd tell him things I could never tell my mom. You see, my mom & I weren't very friendly. We'd get mad at each other every once in a while. I depended on my dad to cheer me up whenever I'm down. He was always there for me when my mom wasn't. He was my friend. Someone I could joke around with and learn from. He'd help me through all my problems. I loved him very much.

It's bothers me when I hear that my dad is cheating on my mom from other family members. I thought they didn't know him like I did, since we were so close, but for the past years, I'd notice the way he would act towards my mom. When my mom asked him if he wanted to go somewhere with her, he'd always turn her down. We'd have to force him to go. Every afternoon, he'd leave the house claiming that he was looking for a job. Every night, he comes back drunk. & When he wasn't partying, he would stay in his room all day & night, playing on his computer.

Every now and than, I'd hear my mom crying at the top of her lungs, screaming her heart out, crying like there was no tomorrow. This time, I knew for sure that it was serious. My mom would always make us move, thinking if we moved, my dad would be far away from whoever it is she thought he was cheating on her with. We'd move from the North of the United States to the South. A big change. There was one time, my mom snuck my sister and me out to a different state without telling my dad. Of course, we came back.

One morning, as I was getting ready to leave the house for school, I hear my mom shouting, "Get out of my house!" and she's crying. I couldn't do anything, my ride was here. So I left the house, hoping everything would be okay as soon as I came back home. Wrong. I see suitcases and my dad was leaving. He said he'd come back soon for me. For some reason, I trusted him. I'd call him every now and than. I was mad at my mom for kicking him out when I know for sure he wasn't seeing anyone.

Boy, was I wrong. After a while, I realized that he was cheating on my mom. For a while now. I was checking on the computer history and there was a dating site and my dad had signed up for it. Not only that, everyone, and I mean everyone, was telling me they saw my dad with a woman. There was also mysterious phone calls on the phone bill. But get this, she was the same age as my mom, had the same job as my mom, had two kids (same age as me and my sister), and people said they looked uglier than my mom. I mean, I'm shocked, disappointed, and depressed, but the least my dad could do if he was going to have an affair is at least date like a model. lol, I'm messed up in the brain, aren't I? The thing is, why would you leave this family for another family who isn't even better than us?

Ever since, my mom's been telling me more secrets and more information. We were bonding. I was closer to my mom and I liked it. I understood her point of view and knew what my mom did was the right thing to do - kick him out. I don't talk to my dad anymore. I even told him I was never going to talk to him again - Was that the right thing to do? I think of him as my biological father, but not my dad. He betrayed us. Every now and than, I'd pour my heart out crying in the bathroom. Whenever I see a movie dealing with the love of my dad, I cry. Whenever my friends are telling me about their family holidays, I cry. Every time I see my mom crying, I cry. Every time. I try not to. I want to be a strong person. I just don't understand it. Why? Why did you leave us? Why did you leave me? How could you abandon our friendship so easily? I miss you.
xFluffyPanda xFluffyPanda
18-21, F
Sep 23, 2012