I'm Tired Of The Games

So, I'm 18, and my parents refuse to help me become self-sustainable. And they do it indirectly. Its always "jump through these hoops, and you'll get something." I am desperate to move out, but I can't. I don't have a license. They always say, "oh, we'll go down and get it sometime, but you have to practice driving first" the thing is, I never get to "practice" driving. they always "forget". I remind them, but "no, some other time" is all I get. I don't have a job. because I don't have a car, because I don't have a license. because of their goddamned games. I've tried to move out. it didnt work. i went to go live with my dad. it didnt work. I JUST WANT OUT. I don't care if I have to sue them some how. I just want to move on, and leave them behind in their backward ways.
jhudgins1101 jhudgins1101
Dec 10, 2012