My Crazy Dysfunctional Family

Lets start at the top with my maternal grandparents, who are absolute blessings and wonderful people. Together, they had my mom Andrea, my aunt Terry, my uncle Bob, and my aunt Carla. My mom married my dad at 21, and he was murdered a few years later. Before he was murdered they had my brother Donnie, my sister August, and me, Tai.

My mom is very impulsive and suffers from some mental illness, but she is very creative and generous. My brother Donnie is 31 and is an alcoholic and disabled with blod clots. He has 2 kids, both of which are living with and being raised by my mom. His wife just left and went to Texas one day. My sister is an alcoholic with 4 kids. The oldest lives with her paternal grandparents, and her 4 year old and 18 month old twins live with their dad. My sister cares for them when shes sober enough. And theres me, 26, and at the bottom again because of my borderline personality disorder.

My aunt Terry is brilliant and got her masters in computer programming. Over the years she has had a series of head injuries and a bad car accident that left her a disabled paraplegic. She was always single until some roofers did her roof and one of them found an easy ticket and married my aunt. He has been in prison for years, is a meth addict, an alcoholic, and spends every penny she makes while making her life miserable.

My uncle Bob is hilarious. A great story teller and fun to be around. He works harder than anybody Ive ever met and never ever complains. He married his sweet wife Julie, who is unable to have children and became disabled from a terrible accident at work that destroyed her back. But they live happily together, sharing a love of antiques and cats, living simply.

My aunt Carla is the glamorous, organized, perfect one. Her house is immaculate, even her handwriting is perfect. She was introduced to Rich many years ago, and they have been together since. They wont get married, but bought a house and cars together. Rich is perfect for her and he is so nice. He also suffers from anxiety, and I can talk with him very easily.

Thats the basic, surface information, but this family never leaves me short on good stories.
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Dec 11, 2012