Help Please? =-/

Hi my name is Isiah. I’m trying to raise money so I am able to give my brothers a proper Christmas this year, because we haven’t been able to celebrate Christmas since winter 2008. In May of 2009 my father died of a massive heart attack and since than my family lives hasn’t been the same since. My mother, brothers, and I went through a lot since he passed away such as being homeless and relying on government assistance to make it through the past 3 years. My mom recently got a job but since she’s a single parent of 3 she can’t afford much. My brothers who are 6 & 3 have been talking about nothing but Santa clause and being extra good because they think it will bring Santa to our house on Christmas Eve. I know it will break there hearts when they wake up jumping for joy on Christmas to see nothing in our living room. I wanted to raise $200 dollars so I can get them a tree with lights and buy a few presents for them. I just want to see them smile for once because they haven’t had much to smile about since there dad isn’t around and they fully don’t understand why. If I can raise the money it would mean a lot and I would like to thank you, but if not, it will be ok and I still would like to thank you for just reading my story. God bless! And Happy Holidays!
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Sorry I can't give you any money, I would but I haven't been paid yet.

I suggest maybe finding a free tree, in my country you can use sites like to find things, sometimes free (such as a christmas tree).

I know a family members friend, they get a pot, they go out and find a bunch of sticks (im guessing large sticks), and decorate the sticks. Maybe you can think of similar creative ways?

You could make paper cut-outs, look for christmas hampers, and such as well.

Your story is truly heart touching, when I do get paid I will try and spare some money.

I hope you, your friends, and your family have a great christmas.

It's ok, Thanks for at least reading it.
Can you spread the word to your friends and family so hopefully i can reach my goal.

Thank you everyone for at least reading my story.