Irresponsible Abusive Mother. What Shall I Do?

I was mentally and physically *as in beaten* abused by the parasite that biologically is my mother and one of her boyfriends until about 3 years ago when my father finally decided that he would let me go and live with him. Since then I was obliged to see her on weekends and any other days that my father decided. About 6 months after I left her house her boyfriend abandoned her and she had to go and live in a sort of little department that was annexed to her parents house as she had never worked or done anything productive with her life instead of whoring around with men (basically older and married) for a minuscule amount of money that would barely cover her credit card expenses which she used to buy food and pay for her what-not’s. Anyhow, the abuses kept going but they lowered in intensity as she had other things to worry about and it was just her, but about 5 months ago she got into some legal problems about some illegal something-or-other that made her level of stress boost and made her alcohol problem grow therefore she decided to pay it down on me by increasing the number of beatings(for the record my father didn’t know they kept on as she knew where to leave the bruises so it was easy for me to hide them and stuff or invent any kind of illogical stories) .One day when she drove me back to my paternal grandmothers house we got into a sort of verbal fight that turned physical when I got out of the car into my grandmother’s house entrance where she started hitting me rather violently until finally my father heard my screams and came to my rescue pushing her off me and forcing her to get into her car for her to go, which appeared to be a difficult task as the miserable arsehole was rather enjoying herself with all the attention she was getting, or that is my theory anyway, the fact is that she didn’t want to go. In the end even my gran got involved and she finally went. I haven’t talked to since nor do I have any intention to, even though she sends messages to my father saying that she’s sorry and that she’s going to change, you have to understand that she always does that and that it is pure bullshit. My father believes that I should talk to her, for my own mental balance, but I think that she brings much more harm than good and I am familiar with sufficient psychiatry and psychology to know that I’m as mentally balanced as I can get and that a relationship with my so-called mother would not have a good impact on me nor it would bring any benefit, as I have never seen her as a mother figure or have had any sort of feelings what-so-ever towards her.
She used to fetch me sometimes from school so my classmates know her and were enchanted by her, don’t know why, so they usually ask me about her, when I tell them that she’s dead or that I never had a mother they start to lecture me on how I should love and respect her, as they don’t know anything about my personal problems and I’m not planning on telling them any time soon. It gets really annoying.
Should i follow my instinct and just forget her completely or not? Oh and also my father said she offered to give me gifts for Christmas and stuff, should i accept it or not?
AlexiaRiddle AlexiaRiddle
13-15, F
2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

call the social servies

dont let your mother give u gifts. you should forget about her.. act like you don't know her what you should do is go to the police asap and press charges against your mother..that way they can file charges and make sure she goes to jail