Life Is Cruel...but Thank God For Courage

I am 21 and have Epilepsy.Its difficult to take in the fact that I may have disabled children,marriage maybe unstable if one agree to marry one with epilepsy.Last week my uncle told my aunt Fatma(should have just got married to-one of our neighbors whom I've taken as a friend and he is six years older than me-as a husband coz nobody else would want one with epilepsy!!!I took it easy and thought "Yeah this is part of life".Once I fought with my cousin and she said,"Thats why you fall-Seizures!".I try to live my life to the fullest.Well my dad is so depressed after his brother was diagnosed with Leukemia.His depression is so serious that makes our life miserable.He cant speak anything but diseases,so emotional,interprate thing oppositley.His brother actually doesnt give a **** about it.But life goes on.My family is bewitched-Yes bewitched.I never believed in this but after experiencing it I was forced to believe.They have done lots of bad things including my cousine to suddenly hate his wife and separate,My dad to hate the city we are living in and to have bad nightmares,My aunt to hate her house entirely,My two cousins to have frequent miscarriages etc.But agains life goes on.And very person,my family bought her a house take care of her children coz she is a widow-some say she sacrificed her husband.Well I this help those who are in similar situation.I have got no future.I live my life as today will be my last.I've stopped going to college.Am one woman who is lost and confused and praying to God coz I dont have a clue what future holds for me.InshAllah God will ease our problems and give us a happy and peaceful life.Ameen
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Jan 18, 2013