Helpful Sister

I don't know where to begin. I have had my neice for almost a year. I recently received primary custody of her in December. My sister calls once or twice a week. Makes plans to take her for a day about once every 2 weeks. These visits have been hard on my niece because my sister puts thoughts into her head. For ex. She tells my neice that she will never see me or my family again. she also makes my neice call her unstable boyfriend daddy. But tells her not to tell me or her father. And after every visit my neice wakes up crying. Going sister has now filed court paper saying I refuse to let her see her daughter. Which is completely false. We now have to attend mediation and generations seminars. I don't receive support for my neice and if I need anything for her it's always a fight with my sister. Her boyfriend also makes everything 10x's harder. He calls my fiancee and I names. He controls my sister and we have reason to beleive he is abusive. CYF has been involved but has closed the case. I need advice from someone who has gone through something like this. The system is not helping.
Hopehurts85 Hopehurts85
Jan 21, 2013