I really can't stand it here. What ever I do isn't appreciated, and mostly from my mom. I mean when I cook, or clean she has something negative to say. So when I don't do either its always:

"I'm always on my feet cleaning, cooking, and taking care of all you."

That is pure bull sh*t. You have a room that you don't sleep in so she decides on herself to go sleep on the couch, and play video games ALL day.

My dad mostly pays the bills, and works night shifts, and sleeps all day. Still he doesn't make an effort to really talk to me.

I almost called my mom by her first name today because I don't see her as my mom anymore. I'm called names by her, and at the end she tries to brush it all off like it was a joke.

My dad tries calling me names when hes mad or p*ssed off so when I finally just say:

"Don't even say it"

He looks at me with wide eyes, and walk away.
They always try to bring me in their arguments, but I just blankly stare and say "I don't care when are you guys are gonna separate because you do this all the time."

OutOfTheOrdinary OutOfTheOrdinary
18-21, F
Aug 19, 2014